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“A big moment for me has been seeing a client I work with who started with an extremely limited diet of foods she would eat, through ABA be able to try all kinds of foods. She is willing to try a bite and see if she likes it, which is such an improvement! She independently without any prompting wanted to try broccoli not too long ago! I still struggle with eating broccoli myself so that was impressive!”

Michelle S. LRBT Salt Lake City, UT

“[My client] with super selective eating habits, has tried and eaten around 10 new foods just this month! You could count on one hand the types of food he's been eating most of his life. Now he's eating all types of fruit and legumes. [His] parents are thrilled, and witnessing that rapid progression into eating a wide variety of foods is amazing. This will benefit him so much throughout his life. ”

Matthew C. BCBA Charlotte, N

“I have been working on tying shoes with a client for a little over a month now. My awesome BCBA assisted me with different types of prompt strategies for this client. Today during a session, we had a full breakthrough, and my client INDEPENDENTLY tied his shoes!!! I literally shouted with joy and the smile he had from tying his shoes made all the hard work we've put into learning this skill worth it!!”

Precious J. LRBT Charlotte, NC

“I started with a kiddo in the past couple of weeks, and they would elope nonstop the first week. With the help of my supervisor and running freeze tag programs repeatedly, they now run and grab my hand without a verbal prompt! It’s amazing to see such a young client grow and learn things so quickly over so little time! It reminds me why I do what I do, and what I’m here to help with. I love my job!”

Maggie C. LRBT Camarillo, CA

“One of my clients LOVES music. He frequently requests Disney songs, so I made him a playlist. I frequently sing along with the songs and when I stop, my patient puts his hand under my chin to prompt me to sing more. The other day he started singing with me! He is minimally verbal, and this was a huge deal as he was making the correct sounds. I went home and shed some happy tears. Even the small things we do matter!”

Chelsea N. RBT I Layton, UT

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